Special Issue

Special Issue: Technopreneurship Driving Change in the Nation's Future Leadership

Special issue : (IICRO) International Interdisciplinary Conference on Research & Opportunities | September 13, 2023,  Indonesia

Special issue dari ATT P-ISSN: 2655-8807 | E-ISSN: 2656-8888. | Deadline submit manuscript: closed (25 July 2023)

Special Issue Editor

Cicilia Sriliasta Bangun| Google Scholar 
University of Esa Unggul

Abstract Special Issue:

Dear Colleagues,
The prevalence of advanced technology necessitates changing how people do business. Technology is not only about hi-tech or technical matters, but it can also refer to human applications of helpful knowledge that can benefit the community. Techno-entrepreneurs have technopreneurship skills where they operate businesses by optimizing the use of technology to innovate new products and services. Technopreneurship is a process of merging technology prowess with entrepreneurial talent and skills. The implication is the creation of new forms of organizations and the exploitation of new raw materials.

This Special Issue of ATT, entitled "Technopreneurship Driving Change in the Nation's Future Leadership," correlates with G20 in Indonesia to undertake tangible, precise, swift, and necessary actions to address common challenges, including through international macro policy cooperation and concrete collaborations the growth of technology. In doing so, we remain committed to supporting developing countries, particularly the least developed and small island developing states, in responding to these global challenges and achieving the SDGs. The Special Issue will include theoretical and practical research focusing on, but need not be limited to, the following:

  1. Technology and Entrepreneurship
  2. Blockchain
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Finance Management 
  5. Strategic Management 
  6. Knowledge Management 
  7. Management Accounting 
  8. Management Information System 
  9. International Business
  10. Business Ethics and Sustainable