Call for Paper

APTISI Transactions on Technopreneurship (ATT) accepts articles in any business-related subjects and any research methodology that meet the standards established for publication in the journal. The primary, but not exclusive, audiences are academicians, graduate students, practitioners, and others interested in business research.

The Journal aims to provide an intellectual and research platform for the dissemination of a range of critical entrepreneurship, innovation, business, and economic development issues and technology impact on entrepreneurship. The primary criterion for publication in ATT is the significant contribution an article makes to the literature in the business area, i.e., the significance and the novelty of the research and the rigor of the paper. The acceptance decision is made based upon an independent review process that provides critically constructive and prompt evaluations of submitted manuscripts. ATT invites manuscripts in the areas:

1. Business Management and Accounting
     > Management Information System
2. Computer Science
     > Information System
3. Multidisciplinary
     > Multidisciplinary


  1. Dynamic Online Presence: Your work will come alive in an interactive online format, ensuring a captivating reading experience.

  2. Accessible to All: Embrace the inclusivity of an Open Access Journal, making your research widely available to a global audience.

  3. Seamless Publication Journey with OJS: Navigate the publishing process effortlessly through the transparent and user-friendly Online Journal System (OJS).

  4. Digital Documentation Convenience: Experience the convenience of digital documentation with E-LOA, E-Certificate, and E-Journals, simplifying administrative processes.

  5. Professional Formatting in Latex: Elevate the visual appeal and professionalism of your paper with expert formatting in Latex, showcasing your research in a polished manner.