application as a Solution to Facilitate the Fulfillment of All Gadget Needs today (case study: area Tangerang Banten)

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Sutrisno Sutrisno
Ahmad Sajidin


The gadget is a sophisticated item that can present a variety of news media, social
networking, hobbies, and even entertainment. The presence of gadgets today makes some
people become dependent. If the gadget is damaged, they will repair the gadget itself or bring
it to the service place. The problem in this study is the difficulty of finding information about the
place of seller of gadget components and looking for a trusted service place, the nearest
location and affordable prices. To overcome this problem, the author designed an application
called Gadgetku.Id used a qualitative research method consisting of data collection, data
analysis and system design. In this application have 2 main services, namely service and
shop. The purpose of designing this application is to be able to assist users in finding a trusted
service place, the nearest location, safe, scheduled and without the need to go to the service
place and help to find gadget needs through the shop feature.

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Sutrisno, S., & Sajidin, A. (2019). application as a Solution to Facilitate the Fulfillment of All Gadget Needs today (case study: area Tangerang Banten). Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT), 1(1), 52-63.


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