Transformation of Entrepreneurship and Digital Technology Students in the Era of Revolution 4.0


  • Chandra Lukita Catur Insan Cendekia University
  • Marviola Hardini Ijiis Incorporation
  • Sudadi Pranata Catur Insan Cendekia University
  • Dwi Julianingsih Ilearning Incorporation
  • Nuke Puji Lestari Santoso University of Raharja



Student Transformation, Entrepreneur 4.0, Digital Technology, Student Entrepreneurship


In the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, especially with advances in information technology such as the internet of things, the global economy is experiencing a significant transformation, including the Indonesian region. Universities as agents of change have a strategic role in preparing students to face these changes. This article aims to provide an overview of entrepreneurship education in higher education, focusing on preparing students as reliable, tough and competent 4.0 entrepreneurs through the use of digital technology. The background to this research underlies the need for entrepreneurship education that is responsive to the demands of the times, where the integration of digital technology is the key to success. This writing uses a descriptive method by detailing the findings from the literature study, providing a conceptual picture of the urgency of entrepreneurship education through a digital technology approach in higher education. It is hoped that the results of this research will be able to shape the character of students as entrepreneurs 4.0, who are intelligent, trustworthy and creative. Improving the 5C aspects (creative, cognitive, collaborative, competent and unified) is the focus, while emphasizing the digitalpreneur generation is the main goal. The implications of these findings include updating higher education curricula to reflect the needs of industry 4.0 and preparing students to become future leaders. Thus, this article offers valuable insights for education stakeholders, policy makers, and practitioners in the field of entrepreneurship and digital technology.


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