Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT)

Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship (ATT), is a peer-reviewed journal published two times a year (March & September) by Field of Information Planning and Technology Strategy (BSPIT), Asosiasi Perguruan Tinggi Indonesia (APTISI). ATT is intended to be the journal for publishing articles reporting the results of research on technopreneurship.

The ATT invites all manuscripts on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, functional fields of technology, information systems, e-business, international business, business economics, business ethics and sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

  Journal Title :
APTISI Transactions on Technopreneurship Journal
  Language : English
  ISSN2656-8888 (online), 2655-8807 (print)
  Frequency : 2 issues per year (Semiannual), March and September
  DOI :
 Prefix 10.34306 by Crossref
  Editor-in-chief :
 Untung Rahardja  
  Publisher :
  OAI : https://att.aptisi.or.id/index.php/att/oai
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Sertifikat Indeksasi DRJI - APTISI Transactions on Technopreneurship (ATT)

Vol 2 No 1 (2020): ATT (Aptisi Transactions On Technopreneurship)

Published: 2019-12-10

Application of Blockchain Technology in e-LoA Technopreneurship Journal

Alexander Williams, Ellen Dolan


Abstract Views : 5
PDF views: 0

Pandawan Website Design Based Content Management System As Media E-commerce Transaction

Adrian Sean Bein, Yuliana Isma Graha, Anggit Panji Pangestu


Abstract Views : 1
PDF views: 0

The Model of Empowering Poor Women Based on Creative Economy and Local Age

Yosi Safri Yetmi, Nesyah Ahdiyatuningsih


Abstract Views : 11
PDF views: 0

Authentication Of Transaction Process In E-marketplace Based On Blockchain ​​technology

Adiyanto Adiyanto, Rizki Febrianto


Abstract Views : 24
PDF views: 0

Design of a Copy Service E-Marketplace Android-Based in the Parongpong District

Stefhanie Ancela Lahallo, Raja Daud Aritonang


Abstract Views : 12
PDF views: 0

Planning of the Web-based E-Raport Assessment System

Erick Febriyanto, Romzi Syauqi Naufal, Sulistiawati Sulistiawati


Abstract Views : 37
PDF views: 0

Single-plate Swipe Couplings On Four-wheeled Vehicles

Kurniadi Rasyid, Tutur Angger Pambudi


Abstract Views : 30
PDF views: 0

Web-Based Population Cencus Design in Neighborhood Building

Ferry Sudarto, Anisa Yondari


Abstract Views : 60
PDF views: 0

Study of Comparison of Stock Performance Before And After Doing Split Stock In Go Public Companies That Are Listing on The Idx Period 2013 – 2015

R.A. Norromadani Yuniati, Latof Syeikhur Rabbani, Mirza Safitri Agatha Putri


Abstract Views : 134
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